About Us

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH will develop specific goals to help you achieve optimal health.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH provides publicly and privately funded rehabilitation services.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH has developed standardized guidelines & policies over 35 years.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH will provide comprehensive assessments & treatments to meet your specific needs.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH employs qualified, experienced, caring, professional & respectful staff.

About Us

Achieva Health brings together a group of health care providers that share the goal of helping patients achieve optimum health.

Achieva Health provides both publicly and privately funded rehabilitation services. Over the past 20 years, we have developed specific assessment and treatment protocols that ensure our patients achieve their health care needs.

Our methods are goal-oriented with an emphasis on measurable results. We believe that our results drive customer satisfaction. If our clients are happy, our business will continue to grow.

Our integrative and multidisciplinary approach offers both conventional and complementary rehabilitative health care services


  • Compassion is a fundamental principle that resonates throughout the organization. 

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH staff are qualified, knowledgeable, caring and respectful. 

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH patients expect excellent, professional & comprehensive services.

Hygiene & Cleaniness

ACHIEVA HEALTH has developed Health & Safety Infection Control Policies throughout the organization

Experience Guaranteed

ACHIEVA HEALTH staff are registered, knowledgeable, experienced & receive ongoing education & training.

Outstanding Services

ACHIEVA HEALTH services will be delivered in a professional, timely & respectful manner to achieve your goals.

Customer Satisfaction

ACHIEVA HEALTH will meet & exceed your expectations for exceptional services using a person centered approach to care.

Why Achieva?

Caring, above all else, is a fundamental principle that resonates throughout our organization. It starts from the managing directors, to our health practitioners in the field, and to our receptionists who answer our phones.

Our staff is knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. Our patients have come to expect and appreciate this single overriding virtue which is necessary to build trust.

Our Services

Achieva Health services are provided in Community Clinics, Long Term Care, Retirement Homes & in your home.


Physiotherapy improves mobility, strength, balance, function, independence, & quality of life.


Occupational Therapy improves mobility, cognitive and mental health & activities of daily living.


Kinesiology improves mobility & provides ergonomic services to prevent injury at home & work.


Speech Language Pathology (SLP) improves speech, language, voice, fluency, & communication skills.

Why Choose Us

Hygiene & Cleaniness

Our out-patient clinics are clean and state-of-the-art. We have protocols in place for hand hygiene, environmental cleaning, PPE use, waste management, and patient education

Experience Guaranteed

Our staffs are registered, knowledgeable and experienced. We provide ongoing training and development opportunities to keep our staff up-to-date with the latest medical practices and technologies.

Outstanding Services

Our services will be delivered in an effective and timely manner with an emphasis on helping patients reach their goals.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Knowing what our customers expect allows us to provide services that meet or exceed their expectations. We follow patient-centered approach that focuses on effective, comfort, timely service, and follow-up care.

Achieva Health Locations

Achieva Health provides healthcare services in 300 locations across Ontario.