Long Term Care

ACHIEVA HEALTH  provides Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech Language Pathology services to improve residents’ strength, balance, range of motion & mobility.

We are one of the largest providers of rehabilitation services in Ontario, with over 1,000 clinical and support staff providing comprehensive services in Community Clinics, Long Term Care, Retirement Homes and in your home. Our professional, respectful and interdisciplinary approach will allow you to access Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Kinesiology, Speech Language Pathology promptly.

Long Term Care

  • Physiotherapy will improve residents' strength, balance, range of motion, mobility, prevent falls, wounds & promote independence.

  • Occupational Therapy will improve residents' dressing, toileting, transferring, mobility & promote functional independence.

  • Speech Language Pathology will focus on residents' communication & swallowing techniques to promote safe feeding and feeling connected and understood.

Long Term Care

Achieva Health provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology services to residents which will improve their strength, balance, range of motion and mobility to live more independently.

Successful Results

Long Term Care

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH provides valuable and resourceful reports that will enable the LTC Home Team to address resident falls and ensure the residents are ultimately benefitting and receiving effective strategies to reduce falls and achieve excellence .

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH tracks residents' strength, balance and mobility to ensure the Physiotherapy treatments are effective and the residents will improve in their strength, balance, mobility and become more independent in their transfers and overall well-being.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH Physiotherapy Programs and Services are delivered utilizing an inter-professional collaborative approach to care which ulimtately benefits the residents served.

30 Signature Rehab Programs & Policies

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)-Dressing & Grooming

  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Program

  • Ambulation/Gait Training Program

  • Annual Maintenance & Calibration of Equipment

  • Arthritis & Pain Management Program

  • Back Education & Injury Management Program

  • Chest Therapy & COPD Program

  • Communication Program

  • Continence Rehab Program

  • Dysphagia, Eating and Swallowing Program

  • Ergonomic Strategies, FCEs, PDAs, etc

  • Falls Prevention Program

  • Group Programs and Exercise Classes in LTC

  • Healthy Dining Program

  • Infection Control & Health & Safety Program

  • Least Restraints Program

  • LTC Staff Wellness Program

  • Neurological Rehab Program for MS/CP

  • Nursing Rehab and Restorative Care (NRRC) Program

  • Osteoporosis Program “Healthy Bones”

  • Palliative Care & End of Life Care Program

  • Parkinson’s & Neurological Program

  • Pre-& Post-Surgical Rehab Program

  • Program Evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program

  • Seating & Mobility ADP Program

  • Sensory Stimulation Program

  • Skin & Wound Care Program

  • Stroke Rehab & Wellness Program

  • The Butterfly Approach for Dementia Care

  • Workplace Wellness Education Program

Tips for Walkers and Wheelchairs

  • Proper use of walking aids are important for prevent falls. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and is essential for cardiovascular training, maintenance of balance and coordination, and the prevention of falls.

  • Education of Staff, Residents and Families about Falls Prevention Strategies and the proper use of walking aids is critical.

Walking with different gait patterns


characterized by forward bent posture and slow, shuffling gait

Gait Techniques:

  • Encourage a wide base of support

  • Use rhythmic techniques

  • Provide rests after certain distances

  • Encourage consistent and predicable breaks

  • Encourage pursed-lip breathing techniques


characterized by paralysis, spasticity, poor balance and instability.

Gait Techniques:

  • Promote activities that strengthen the affected side

  • Promote use of a quad cane or other mobility device to encourage walking

  • Alternate walking and periods with rest periods

  • Promote balance exercises with resting breaks


characterized by fatigue, decreased range of motion, and loss of strength and endurance.

Gait Techniques:

  • Alternate activity periods with rest periods

  • Promote the use of a mobility aid to increase endurance

  • Manage pain with modalities and techniques that decrease stress on the joints

Joint Replacement 

characterized by decreased Range of Motion and Strength

Gait Techniques:

  • Restore Strength, Balance and Range of Motion

  • Progress from feather weight-bearing, to full weight-bearing walking

  • Use a mobility aid as required

  • Increase endurance and greater walking distance

Mobility Devices


  • Widen the “base of support”

  • Held in the opposite hand to affected leg

  • Top of cane should reach the crease of wrist with a slight bend in the elbow


  • Offer stability and security

  • Top of walker should reach the crease of wrist with a slights bend in the elbow

When Using A Mobility Device

  • Promote good posture (stand up straight with eyes looking forward NOT downward).

  • Encourage the Resident to walk slowly

  • Remind the Resident to stand safely (i.e. not using the walker to pull themselves up)

  • Monitor the device for wear and tear (brakes, wheels, handles).

ACHIEVA HEALTH Nursing Rehabilitation and Restorative Care (NRRC) Program

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH Physiotherapists will be a positive resource in the development and maintenance of the Nursing Rehabilitation and Restorative Care (NRRC) Program.

  • To qualify for Nursing Rehabilitation and Restorative Care Program (NRRC), the Resident needs to demonstrate progress towards achieving their GOALS.

  • The Resident will need to have a plan for future discharge from the Program.

  • To ensure success of the Program, the Physiotherapists will share their rehab knowledge and expertise with the Interdisciplinary Team.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH has developed Nursing Rehabilitation and Restorative Care (NRRC) Policy and Procedure Manuals to assist with the development and maintenance of the Program

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH’s comprehensive Nursing Rehabilitation and Restorative Care Policy & Procedure Manual is an excellent resource for training the front-line Nursing Staff on Sections of P3(a-j) in RAI-MDS.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH’s Nursing Rehabilitation and Restorative Care Policy & Procedure Manual includes training Protocols which embrace the Nursing Rehabilitation and Restorative Care Philosophy and Principles.

  • Each of the Sections also include Health and Safety Practices, use of proper body mechanics to avoid Staff injuries when performing ROM, Transfer Training, Dressing and Grooming or any of the Sections in P3 (a-j) in RAI-MDS.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH has developed a “Step by Step” Nursing Rehabilitation and Restorative Care Resource Manual for Registered Nursing and Recreation Staff who require assistance when determining Residents’ eligibility for the Program.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH has developed detailed SMART Goals, Rehab Interventions, and discharge criteria.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH's Manual is user friendly and includes “Plan of Care Worksheets” for each Nursing Rehab and Restorative Care Sections (for example, dressing, grooming, walking, etc.).

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH has developed “Plan of Care Worksheets” as “Sample” and “fill in the blank” Rehab Focuses, SMART Goals, Detailed Rehab Interventions, and Discharge Criteria for each Section in P3 (a-j).

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH’s Nursing Rehabilitation and Restorative Care Resource Manual includes a Documentation Checklist which has been developed utilizing the MLTC Inspection Protocols.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH will provide on-site and online Nursing Rehab and Restorative Care Training to assist with the development and maintenance of the Program.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH has Education/Care Coordinators and Trainers to provide the Training and Education to the LTC Homes on the Eligibility Criteria, SMART Goals, Detailed Rehab Interventions and Discharge Criteria.

  • The Training sessions support the Restorative Care philosophy and empower the LTC Staff to participate in the Program.

  • The Education materials provided, demonstrate various Therapies and the positive outcomes to decrease pain, improve Mobility, ROM, Strength, Bed Mobility, Ambulation, Self-Esteem, and Quality of Life.

  • ACHIEVA HEALTH will provide the LTC Home Staff with certificates once they have successfully completed the Nursing Rehab and Restorative Care Training Course.

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